TMS Technology with the FDA Clearance for Depression.

TMS generates electromagnetic pulse from the coil. It penetrates through the scalp non-invasively, and stimulates the cortex in local areas of the brain. It either activates or inhibits the brain status depending on which neuro transmitters were generated during the treatment. REMED is going through clinical trials with leading university and general hospitals on various applications such as tinnitus, insomnia, dementia, stress, anxiety and etc. It will be the innovative solution in treating intractable diseases.

TMS is called “Electroceutical” as well and it was selected as the world Best 10 promising technology by the ‘World Economic Forum’ in 2018.

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01 Powerful
Applied TBS System as a Regular Specification which is much Faster and Powerful Protocol than the Standard one. *TBS : Theta Burst Stimulation

TBS is a powerful but a safe protocol which shortens the treatment time dramatically to about 5 mins while it takes about 20~30 mins by the conventional protocols without TBS.

02 Relentless ,
Enlargement of Innovative Technology for the Accurate Diagnosis, Treatment and User Convenience.

REMED provides the developing technology that we have accumulated for the last 20 years adapted technologies like brain navigation and robotic system.

03 Brain
The User-Friendly Brain Navigation System that is Accurate and Visualized.

Solution for accurate targeting point, diagnosis, MEP points when stimulating the cortex with TMS by monitoring and imaging the actual brain.

04 Auto Pilot
Auto Pilot Robotic Technology Targeting MEP point in 2 seconds.

Only the technology of REMED’s high end product, It finds the targeting point exactly and tracks the point automatically.