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Global No.1 Electroceutical Company

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About Remed Company

Excellence in technology for 20 years.

REMED, since it’s found in 2003, has been the specialist in Electroceutical area such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Neuro Magnetic Stimulation (NMS), Core Strength Magnetic Stimulation (CSMS). REMED has been supplying and manufacturing medical devices from around the world, and we have been developing together with customers based on the deep trust.

REMED has been, and is trying the best to provide satisfactory results and values to customers. REMED enlarged the clinical applications based on accumulated technology and experience. We reinforced the foreign business such as in US, Europe, Asia and around the world. Our goal is to become the world’s untouchable No.1 global company in the field of Electroceutical with outstanding technology and solutions. REMED pursue the shared value and virtuous cycle of the world.

About Remed Company

We seek for happiness of society with respecting others and creating values through innovation of technology.

The Global leading specialist in Electroceuticals Enlargement of Applications . Reinforcement of Overseas Business Development of New Markets . Maximization of Core competence
  • Creativity and Challenge

    We pursue new, creativity and not afraid of challenge.

  • Value of core competence

    Technology is the core competence, try to be the first mover that leads the world.

  • Shared value

    Beyond the profit, we pursue sharing value and returning back to society

  • Support for failures

    Respect being brave, we support those who have faced the failure.

  • Voluntariness and cooperation

    Members shall be cooperative and voluntary to solve problems through communication and understandings.

About Remed Company

We pursue happiness of people and society by creating value and respecting human through innovation.

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REMED Co., Ltd
Keun Yong Lee
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